Dixie Ann Black


Who is Dixie Ann Black?

You know you have begun to mature when you realize that the answer to who you are is at once simple and complex. On one hand I am a mother and a daughter, a Believer and a friend. On the other hand I am a teacher and a healer, an artist and a leader. But, aren’t we all? If who I am can be measured in terms of accomplishments and interests then I should mention my favorites. I am a mother of two and an avid world traveler. I hold a black belt in martial arts and practice tai chi, yoga and various other fitness oriented activities. I enjoy ballroom dancing, writing poetry and short stories and public speaking. My professional life has also included social work and brokering real estate. I am passionate about health, both physical and spiritual. I believe in the importance of building community and taking care of our planet. But if I am to speak about my heart then I will say I am a Seeker of Truth. With our ever evolving technologies, ”community” has expanded beyond our neighborhoods and “friend” has grown beyond those we personally meet and get to know. In this ever expanding universe I hope you will come to know me as a friend. CONTACT